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Attention in-ground concrete pool owners

Due to changes in environmental regulations two commonly used paint types will no longer be available for purchase or permissible for application after 2005. The two paint types which will removed from production are: Chlorinated Rubber and Vinyl. These two types of paint comprise roughly 75% of all pool paint currently in service. Because it is inadvisable to recoat a pool with a paint other than what is currently on the surface we strongly recommend that you consider repainting your pool in the year 2005. The following links will take you to additional pieces of helpful information which can assist you in understanding this situation.

If your pool is presently painted with either chlorinated rubber or vinyl you have several options. We'll briefly explain the options in a way which will hopefully be easy to understand and give you the best chance of maximizing the investment you have already made in an attractive pool. Please understand very clearly that the regulations referred to above apply to all swimming pools; both residential and commercial. We have no reason to believe that any changes will be made to this new regulation and therefore strongly urge you to consider your options seriously. The three options are as follows:

  • If your pool has been painted within the last 12 months we recommend that you simply allow the present coating to serve out the remainder of it's normal use cycle. At that time it will be necessary to sandblast the pool shell in preparation for another coating system, or to continue repainting using a water based paint (Please note that water based paints currently available have a limited service life.)*
  • If your pool has not been painted in the last 12-24 months and the present finish is sound but thinning we strongly recommend that you consider painting in the year 2005. Our experience suggests that the majority of pools can be satisfactorily painted without the expense of sandblasting. By painting now you will add 1 additional service cycle prior to the need for sandblasting. Choosing not to paint in the year 2005 is a choice to sandblast within the next few years.*
  • If your pool is painted with chlorinated rubber or vinyl and that finish is badly deteriorated such that sandblasting is necessary your best option is to sandblast and recoat using epoxy. Beginning with the year 2006 epoxy paints and water based paints will be the only two pool coatings available.*

* Please note that the information provided above is that which is currently available to us. Any or all of the major manufacturers of pool coatings may be working on alternative solutions at this moment. For that reason we a providing this information for you as we have it at this moment. We cannot be held responsible for changes in regulations or in products which occur unbeknownst to us or after you have made your decision.

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